Raglan Roper’s Dream

Raglan Roper first brought his treasure trove of Cuban cigars to Grand Cayman in the 90’s. Since then, he has expanded his business to keep up with the increasing demands of local cigar aficionados.

We have undergone a complete modern transformation and invite you to experience what we have to offer. We now have a cigar shop located downstairs form Club Havana; whether it’s a short panetela, a robusto, a torpedo or even a double corona, our cigars take you on a one way trip to Cuba.

Roper’s love for all things Cuban is particularly evident in the charming, and classy lounge. Sit back in the camaraderie and take in the Cuban culture that surrounds you. Sway to the live music while your bartender picks a drink to pair with the flavors of your cigar. If you’re not a fan of smoke, Club Havana offers a strictly non-smoking section divided by a sophisticated ventilation system to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and smoke-free as possible.